Lisa Wells, Arizona Citizen

"The team at PAVS/CAVS was very easy to work with. I was really unsure of  what we needed  to do to get our papers served but they took the time to  explain it. PAVS/CAVS also went above and beyond to serve to the correct address. In the end our claim was quickly settled thanks to a great  legal team" 

Mr. White, CEO of a Law Firm

"...invaluable part of our team... handled virtually every task possible  and then some. Her enthusiasm and  proactive approach made her a model  employee who could be counted on as a  leader, and her flexibility  allowed me to use her in many different positions. I wholeheartedly  recommend Julie- she will be a strong addition to your team." 

Mr. Gorgone, CEO of Forensic Security & Investigations, Inc.

"The  COO has been a trusted friend and colleague since 2005 and she has   quality work. PAVS/CAVS gets the job done beyond expectations. The team is   very knowledgeable and professional." 

Mr. Vays, CEO of We Serve NJ, LLC

"I recommend this company to be a part of your trusted network of legal   professionals. I have worked with this company in the past and my   expectations were met." 

Ms. Sanderson, Paralegal at Burns & Gallo, PLLC

"I have  worked with this company for nearly 3 years and assist with some  overflow work and my  expectations were far beyond exceeded. The owner,  Julie goes above and  beyond to get the job done no matter the complex  obstacles she faces. They are professional, punctual and take pride in  their work. " 

Ms. Richardson, Paralegal at Kraemer Manes & Associates

"PAVS/CAVS is a great team to have when in need. We have used them for the past 6-months and they have done the job right every time and have exceeded  our expectations more than any other process service company"