About CA Virtual Services

Our History

Since 2014, Julie Schneck began one of the most competitive virtual businesses in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, known as  PA Virtual Services, LLC,  which has been the #1  provider of process service proxy assistance to national companies across the United States. We are the ultimate one-stop-shop for Western Pennsylvania and now assist our clients in California with our extended services. Our services range from legal support, notary services process service and skiptracing to mortgage lending and generating leads. 

In 2019, we opened up CA Virtual Services in the Sacramento, California area to better assist our clients on the west coast by providing similar services and targeted services to meet the needs of the industry. Lisa Kryml has 20 years experience in mortgage support services, and five years assisting our Pittsburgh office, has joined our team of professionals and runs the CA Virtual Services office in Sacramento.

Where we hire the best and are constantly trying to better our stance in the  industry. Our staff, service and price beat the competition. We require our staff to pass driving background checks, drug tests and vehicle inspections after completing a week of training (or shadowing) our top servers. We have a tier system of the best of the best when it comes to our services. Our staff is professional, clean, punctual and courteous. We have a zero policy towards infraction of our policies and always put our clients first.


"I recommend this company to be  a part of your trusted network of legal  professionals. I have worked with this company in the past and my  expectations were met." - Mr. Vays, CEO of We Serve NJ, LLC

"The COO has been a trusted friend and colleague since 2005 and she has quality work. PAVS/CAVS gets the job done beyond expectations. The team is very knowledgeable and professional."  - Mr. Gorgone, CEO of Forensic Security & Investigations, Inc.